Troubaduo Joins with the Dream Team for Luna the Magical Pup!🐾

At the end of 2022, Troubaduo was asked to be a part of an upcoming children's cartoon called "Luna the Magical Pup."

They feel honored to be a part of such a beautiful Project and Team! Because of their experience as farmers, they are able to understand the farm family in the story and their life on a deeper level.

In addition to helping with the script and music, Troubaduo aka "The Singing Farmers" also create and share content on Luna's social media pages! Troubaduo & Son have also been asked to do voices on the show, which they are all very excited about!!

Although the cartoon is not going to be promoted as a solely Christian cartoon, it is filled with Biblical elements, teaching children about thankfulness, kindness, treating others with respect and overcoming hate with the Power of Love.

Join Luna the Magical Pup on her official social media pages below and stay tuned for more from this one of a kind, Family-Friendly series!💜

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