Voting starts May 17 at 9PM CDT and ends June 2 at 9PM CDT.

It's $1 per vote. The Top 25 Contestants will advance to the Semi-Finals.

20% of your votes/donations goes to Troubaduo

20% goes to Troubaduo's Church The Good Fight/Huntington Assembly, AR

60% goes to Communities Under the Bridge, Ministry for the homeless in San Antonio, TX.


Here are some ways you can vote...

Vote through You, God's Music


Note: All donations through the YGM Website are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Troubaduo & Son

If you'd like to vote early, you can send your votes through Paypal, Venmo, Cash App

or via check for Troubaduo to put your votes in for you.


P.O. Box 4

Mansfield, AR 72944

All checks payable to:

Bryson or Jill VanCleve

*Please specify for YGM Round 2

Need help voting?!?

CLICK HERE to watch a

video on How to Vote.

Note: This video is from Round 1, however you will vote just the

same by clicking on Troubaduo's Round 2 video.

Thank you so much for your support 💙


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